The F2Peer Review: HEX Shards of Fate

For our next F2Peer Review we’re getting our community reviewers to check out HEX: Shards of Fate, a complex old school TCG where players can build up their own deck of cards and compete against other players in matches and tournaments. The game has a number of unique features that combines the TCG genre with MMORPG elements, making a unique take on the trading card game.

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  • JimSlam: Whilst not my go to TCG I have played the game a little just to see what it’s like, whilst there’s a lot that I like about the game and it’s cool that there’s a lot of different features, it does feel at times like there’s too much to do and overly complex, especially when in comparison to something like Hearthstone. I can see why players would fall into one camp or the other, if you don’t want something a little more casual, or that doesn’t require as much micro-managing, then Hex overall is a pretty decent TCG.

  • IAMJohn: I don’t really like the different phases of a turn/priority, the counters and the double counters on all your actions, it all seems a bit too much and whilst I can appreciate it opens up more strategy, it’s far too complex than I think a TCG really needs. At least it’s far too complex than what I’m comfortable with and it makes the learning curve far higher than I could be bothered to put the time into learning. Aside from that, it makes the games soooo slow, it’s very clunky and just a bit of a click-fest and really lacks the pace of Hearthstone. I feel the system would work better in real life because it could play more like a game of poker and you can try to read the opponent, but in digital games I feel like I instantly want them to be quicker.

  • Kittypride:
    I like MMORPGs a lot, and whilst I found the actual game quite difficult in PVP mode, against the AI it was a little easier, what I did like was the inclusion of dungeons and raids filled with puzzles, traps and encounters like you would expect in an MMORPG. Similarly the idea of picking up gear from wins, chests and quests and being able to equip your cards with items to improve their attacks and get extra utility is pretty cool, even if it is only for PVE. There’s plenty of stuff to collect in the game, so I like that a lot, but I find this game even harder to get into than other games in the genre.

  • Ballgon: I absolutely love this game, especially when it went by its previous name of Magic the Gathering. Not only are the mechanics ripped off, but even some of the cards are ripped off (so much so that they got sued by Wizards of the Coast (who own the intellectual property of Magic the Gathering). The best thing about the game is that it is at least better than Magic the Gathering Online, which was absolute trash.

  • Tenebrae: Having played other TCGs I’m pretty adamant that the genre just isn’t for me and I just don’t find it interesting when there’s other games I could be playing instead as it’s not just the commitment to a match, but how long it takes to learn the mechanics, then how long it takes to learn how to build a good deck. It doesn’t feel like there’s instant gratification and requires way too much luck in the early game. I like MMORPG vibe, but honestly I’d sooner play an MMORPG with TCG elements than the other way round.

  • Elijah: I played Hex quite a bit when it was in beta, I do really enjoy the added complexity as it plays completely different to most TCGs (though I equally like Hearthstone), the strategy needed is a lot more involved at every facet. If you give the game a chance, and take the time to learn the nuances of gameplay, then it really starts to come into its own; it isn’t for the casual of heart though, but I like playing them both. There’s lots of cool additions such as having the back of a card, then a double back that shows your trophies and extra stats with your individual cards, stuff you couldn’t do in a physical game and things other TCGs just don’t do. Very enjoyable and worth a try.

  • Your_Nemesis: I love Magic the Gathering, it’s very clear how influenced HEX was, and whilst I always loved MtG I have to say that the direction Hex took the system in comparison to some of the other MtG games (Duel of the Planeswalkers, Magic the Gathering Online) Hex is by far a superior product. The many features, the extra mechanics that MtG lacks feels like HEX is the game the digital MtG products could and should have been. My biggest criticism against the game is that I feel it’s a little harder to build up new cards through playing in comparison to other titles, whilst it’s not exactly pay to win, I feel the game needs much more of a commitment to it than Hearthstone and it’s pretty hard to play even semi-casually.

So that’s what our players think, but what about you? Do you play Hex: Shards of Fate? If not then why not? What do you like or hate about it, and what do you think about our players’ opinions? Let us know in the comments!

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