The Aurora Blade, exclusive developer tour with video commentary



Recently we were given a guided tour through new fantasy MMORPG The Aurora Worlddeveloped by Aurora Interactive for the Asian market the game is now being published by GBE Games as it makes its way to North America. With our guided tour we were able to explore many of the features that are available in game and what experience first-hand just what is on offer.

Set in a world devastated by Gods you begin as a member of one of three different nations, choosing from one of eight different classes; the game directly pits these nations and their players against each other. Playing as a member of the Selene nation I was given a bit of a tour around the Selene main capital city as well as take an in depth look at the unique Majinn; player companion pets that can be used to fight alongside you but also be used as mounts.

Whilst we weren’t able to explore the entire game and cover every feature and event in great depth, the tour gave us a good idea of what to expect from the released product. Whilst there were a few glitches and clipping issues here and there we were left with a generally positive frame of mind with the game and believe that the Daily Events and expanded PvP systems will make The Aurora World an enjoyable experience.

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