Tales of Fantasy launches its new item “Horseshoes”

Tales of Fantasy launches its new item “Horseshoes”. Ever since the release of the “Call of Destiny” patch, “Horseshoes” have become the hottest item in game. Just socket these bad boys into your ride, and feel the exhilaration of galloping headlong into battle! It’s not as widely known nowadays, but hundreds of years ago it was common knowledge that a good horse wasn’t worth much without a quality set of horseshoes. Throw a shoe and you might as well get rid of the horse.

Horseshoes offer boosts to both character stats and movement speed, allowing for greater versatility in combat, and they can make all the difference when facing a determined opponent. They are not available from in game NPCs or from the Item Mall, instead they are only available for exchange from the NPC in North Dungeon (who requires players to hand over a certain amount of Coal to get them) or from a small number of high level bosses.

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