Swordsman unveils three new classes


Recently we showed you the first three available classes in the upcoming MMORPG Swordsman. Now it's time to discover together the next three in line: Shaolin, Five Venoms and Zephyr School.

Shaolin are extremely trained fighters with great discipline who can specialize in both offensive and defensive skills and are way more durable than any other class.

Five Venoms: The disciples of this females-only sect are worshippers of the snake, centipede, scorpion, spider and toad, and are extremely talented in the art of poisons. They use their poisons in combat to gain an edge on their opponents.

Zephyr School's disciples are masters at evasion and experts in the icy control abilities. They can exploit these strengths to compensate their low defensive capabilities.


Source of information: Perfect World press release

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