Survarium Enters Open Beta in Europe


Survarium is now available to all European players. Open Beta has been officially opened and it arrives with two variations of PvP: Team Deathmatch and Battery Retrieval. Vostok has also released a new gameplay trailer showing the key features of the PvP.

"We are very happy to invite the shooter fans from all around Europe to team up with the community of Survivors from ex-USSR and Poland in their virtual fight for the post-apocalyptic world of Survarium. - said Oleg Yavorsky, PR and Marketing Director of Vostok Games. - Over one million players have joined the game so far and we are excited to open the doors to the fans from the rest of Europe!"

Having said that, the transition to the stage of Open-Beta in Europe does not mean the end of project development for Survarium; on the contrary, the studio plans to further develop the game and introduce multiple new features, including the highly-anticipated FreePlay (PvE) mode.

Check out the new video right here:


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