Starfall Tactics Moving intro Pre-Alpha


Russian developer Snowforged Entertainment has announced that a pre-alpha event for Starfall Tactics is being held. This free to play sci-fi real time strategy (RTS) game is scheduled to be launched in Q4 2016. And it will go into Closed Alpha in Q2 2016.

“By playing during this pre-alpha test you get a chance to participate in creation of a new world along with being one of the first gamers getting unique rts & wargame experience. It is also another great step forward for our independent studio and Starfall Tactics is looking for YOUR help in making the exciting game everybody will enjoy playing nights and days.” – Pavel G., CEO.

The game mixes classic RTS controls with tabletop wargame mechanics. Players can explore a hugen open universe with thousands of planets. It features in-depth ship customization and it runs on Unreal Engine 4.

Watch the gameplay trailer if you want to see the game:

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