Spellweaver Debut Trailer


A new free to play TCG (trading Card Game) on the horizon and not so distant in the future. Spellweaver is scheduling its Open Beta around April and today they company behind this title - Dream Reactor - has released the first teaser video, which you can watch below.

Spellweaver is a classic style trading card game set in a fantasy world where various faction's spellweavers battle for supremacy. However, this game features a variety of unique twist to the genre.

The biggest addition is the new unique creature attribute, speed. Creatures with higher speed can't be blocked by slower ones, and are also able to pick slower creatures as attack targets. These faster creatures are generally weaker than their slower counterparts, creating a dynamic balance between raw creature power and greater versatility.


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Additionally Spellweaver has a system that helps reduce the likelihood of being "land starved," allowing for most games to win or lose based on deck and strategy rather than blind luck.

It also features the option to develop new special abilities for the heroes. The hero starts each battle with 1 starting special ability. Special shrine cards unlock new abilities for the duration of the entire battle, which can radically alter the flow of the game.


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