SMITE launched its Open Beta


Hi-Rez Studios officially started today the open beta phase for the North-American and the European versions of its free-to-play MOBA SMITE. All player progress and unlocks up until now will be preserved through Open Beta and into Release with no planned character wipes.

Hi-Rez also announced their sponsorship of an upcoming SMITE competitive season, including a launch tournament with prizing of one hundred thousand dollars.  
Also, a Limited Edition cosmetic skin for the frost giant Ymir will be awarded to all players who reach Level 30 during the Beta period.  That award will be granted upon SMITE’s official release.

The following new SMITE content and features are included in the Open Beta version:

Graphical upgrade of Conquest Map

Practice match against new AI opponent Ra

In-game Team & Roster Management

Ranked Team Conquest queue - Draft Picking for ranked and Challenge Conquest matches Improved Spectator Camera for Tournament Admins - including a 3-minute delay for spectators to prevent cheating and improved spectator controls (slow-motion, pause, rewind, fast-forward)

Refer-A-Friend Program

Source of informations: Hi-Rez press release.

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