Smashmuck Champions, Exclusive Interview to Ben Rodgers


Today we want to surprise all the MOBA and action games fans with an exclusive interview to Ben Rodgers about Smashmuck Champions!

QUESTION: First of all, thank you for giving us the possibility to interview you about Smashmuck Champions. Would you be so kind to introduce yourself to our readers?

Answer: This is Ben Rodgers, lead game designer at Kiz Studios. Kiz Studios is a small, independent game studio located in South Carolina. We produce a variety of games and entertainment, including mobile game, online games for both pc and Mac, and online videos.

QUESTION: How would you describe Smaschmuck Champions to someone who has never heard of it before?

Answer: SmashMuck is a rowdy take on the MOBA genre. Players choose a champion to take into an arena and challenge opponents to one of several game modes.

QUESTION: Could you tell us what sets Smashmuck Champions apart from the rest of MOBA games?

Answer: SmashMuck is fast-paced and rewards players for mastery of the controls, timing, and twitch reflexes. We also offer more game modes, quicker battles and faster action than your typical MOBA.

QUESTION: Why did you decide to create a game like Smashmuck Champions?

Answer: As a development team, we wanted to make a game we liked. We saw what the genre had to offer and wanted to take some of the ideas we found fun in Shooters/Action games and incorporate them.

QUESTION: Could you tell us how many game modes has Smashmuck Champions?

Answer: Smashmuck currently has 5 game modes that we are rotating in the basic lobby. We’ve been slowly adding more game modes as development continues. Our current modes consist of:
• Gauntlet: a cooperative mode
• Plunderball 3v3: a capture the flag game mode
• Plunderball 5v5: a larger capture the flag game mode
• Conquest: a point capture/defend mode
• Siege: a lane assault/tower defense mode
• Destroyer: a collection mode about destroying a giant robot boss

QUESTION: How many champions have the game right now? You are going to release more champions periodically?

Answer: We have 22 champions currently in game. We’ve been implementing about 1-2 champions each month. We plan to continue to not only increase the number but also continue to increase the way the current roster can be customized and played.

QUESTION: In which ways can you customize your favorite champions?

Answer: Champions can be customized in a variety of ways. In addition to the usual outfit changes, we’ve also implemented a feature called “Skill-swap Weapons.” These weapons, when equipped, out a replaces a skill with a new one, specifically designed to alter how they play. This allows players to bring their favorite champions into games with different ways to play.

QUESTION: How many different roles will have the champions?

Answer: Champions in Smashmuck are divided into three main roles: Offense, Defense, and Support. These are subdivided into Ranged or Melee, based on their basic attacks. Each champion has some flexibility in their role and will often have a single skill that can be used to fill a secondary role. This helps in preventing
hard-counters to a specific champion.

QUESTION: Will the game have social features such as guilds?

Answer: Alliances fill the social role in the game. Players can join together under a single banner and receive extra bonuses. Each alliance can level up and will provide bonuses to each active member. Alliances also reward their members with unique Badges, Logos, and Titles.

QUESTION: In what languages and regions are you planning to release Smashmuck Champions?

Answer: Our biggest fan base currently is in the US and Europe. And while SmashMuck is currently only in English, we have translated messaging within the community due to our significant Portuguese fanbase. We’ll continue to expand as our community expands.

QUESTION: Could you tell us something about your free to play model? Will players be able to buy stuff with real money?

Answer: The free to play model allows players to get into the game with no purchase and compete. Champions are in a rotation that can be played for free. Champions can be unlocked with either the in game currency, or real money. Players can also purchase bundles with real money in order to get good deals on options to customize their champions.

QUESTION: Thank you for all your answers. Would you like to add something?

Answer: Look for us at PAX East in March. We’ll be featuring a new look to the game as well as teasing new game modes and other updates. Lots to come for 2013!


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