District 187 screenshots

  • District 187 arrives on Steam
  •   CJ Games Global just signed an agreement with Valve for publishing its free to play MMOFPS District 187: Sin Streets on Steam. The publisher believe that with this collaboration its game will have all the needed visibility and a lot more players will have the chance to discover and...
  • District 187 starts its Open Beta
  • CJ Games Global has started the open beta of its MMOFPS District 187: Sin Streets. The open beta comes with 3 new maps, and 4 new weapons. It also presents the new District 187 development blog.
  • We are celebrating a closed beta key giveaway for District 187
  • CJ Games Global with F2P.com, are giving away 2000 Closed Beta keys for District 187. Set at the end of the 21st century - after the collapse of the world economy - District 187: Sin Streets features cut-throat, urbanized warfare in a player vs. player environment. Gameplay matches vigilante...


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