Realms Online receives a massive update

GameSamba has announced that its PvP focused MMORPG Realms Online has received a major content update and has announced that from today and for a week is celebrating halloween, giving the possibility to win many prizes, and premium themed items, such as a Zarkit costume.

The game update includes:

-  An Auction House, which allows the trading of items between players, and a mail system that allows receipt of items bought through the Auction House and gold from selling items
-  Arcane Magnanite weapons for all classes obtainable via a new quest
-  New Legendary weapons and armor have been added to creatures' loot
-  Redesigned WarMaster disciplines with new powers and redistributed existing powers
-  A Diamond Lucky Box, which may grant Legendary weapons and armor
-  The Amun test server will now be open to North American players
-  Several redesigned zones
-  Numerous technical fixes and updates, such an optimized map and  minimap system

Source of information: GameSamba press release

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