Rappelz and Flyff have presented new contents and events for Spanish Players

GPotato is sending its Spanish players double the action with new expansions for both Rappelz and Flyff .

Today new dungeons, weapon, quests, pets, classes, events and more await new and lifetime players of gPotato’s first and most beloved MMORPGs.

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Rappelz introduces a new solo dungeon, new pet, and the new uniquely skilled Master Classes, capable of empowering players with superior striking capabilities. These classes have an automatic chance to counter, permanent ability boosts, areaeffect spells, and buffs that add up with each enemy slain. The perfect companion to these warriors could only be the Stone Golem pet, a terrifying monolith that absorbs huge amounts of damage while also providing enhancement cubes for weapons and armor.

Rappelz players also get their share of rewards with festive events throughout December! All adventurers will be bestowed with surprise buffs and randomly strewn magic cards that will help determine server-wide buffs. As a special holiday bonus, on the 28th all players get their chance at playing PK Foosball, where teams will use their knock-back skills to push frozen players into goals for great prizes.

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Flyff will be populated with three new mid-level dungeons, over 100 new quests, and an improved item drop system making it easier than ever to obtain rewards. Players can soar over new landscapes filled with treacherous dungeons and monsters, battle with 60 amazing new weapons, and explore 150 levels packed with content as 1 of over 20 different classes. Plus, new enhancements mold the often discarded Baruna weapons into powerful items, capable of empowering their owners against the most elite opponents.

To celebrate the expansion Flyff is giving away mountains of wealth through multiple events that begin today! Flyff players will enjoy receiving 2.5 times the EXP and free items automatically just by logging in. Sunstones and Moonstones will drop more frequently, and leveling up will additionally award players with helpful items.

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