RaiderZ presents the city of Rietz

The team of RaiderZ to remind us that its open beta begins on October 24, presents us the city of Rietz, considered the jewel of the Kingdom of Rendel. The city is a meeting point for adventurers who want to rest or buy new equipment in a safe environment. But below the peaceful city, in the sewers, monstrous creatures roams, and only the most powerful adventurers can deal with them.

"With less than one week to go before the launch of the RaiderZ open beta launch, we're especially happy to be able to offer a closer look at Rietz, one of the game's higher level areas," says Senior Producer Mark Hill. "We can't wait to see players band together to face the threats below the city of Rietz when the open beta begins."

Source of information: press release of Perfect World Entertaintment

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