Races coming to World of Tanks

World of Tanks free-to-play MMO

The new Tank Rally mode will introduce races into World of Tanks. This mode, available for a limited time from September 29 through October 12, will pit players against each other on a racing track full of destruction and explosive action.


WoT_Screens_Tank_Rally_Image_05 WoT_Screens_Tank_Rally_Image_03 WoT_Screens_Tank_Rally_Image_02 WoT_Screens_Tank_Rally_Image_01

Tank Rally mode pits teams of 3 against each other on a completely revamped version of the Port game map where players must not only race to the finish line and capture a solitary control point, but also try their best to destroy the competition on the way. The track, filled with ramps, explosives and other interactive objects, will provide ample opportunity to tip the odds of victory with every shot fired. The only tank available in the new mode will be the custom built M24 Chaffee Sport tank that will be given to all registered players for free.

Tank Rally mode will also come complete with a special in-game medal, “Racer 2014,” awarded for being on a winning team, as well as a set of combat missions enabling tankers to earn experience points and credits.

Check out the gameplay trailer:


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