R2Games Announces Heroes of The Banner


Two days ago, R2Games announced a new free to play game, a tower-defense title that entered Open Beta already. Its name is Heroes of the Banner and it represents the first steps into the tower defense genre for the company.

The game mixes tower defense and RPG elements with a lighthearted story. It features real-time combat with activatable abilities based on deployed towers and heroes. Players have the ability to recruit and construct multiple tower types to set up the best possible defense against oncoming waves of orcs and demons.

Soon enough we'll publish both a detailed profile and a review, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out some artworks:


4_Heroes-of-the-Banner-Wallpaper-4 3_Heroes-of-the-Banner-Wallpaper-3 2_Heroes-of-the-Banner-Wallpaper-2 5_Heroes-of-the-Banner-Wallpaper-5

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