PWI Sends us to the War Front

Are you ready for War? Perfect World International's 11th expansion, War Front, is now available in all servers. This new expansion introduces large-scale cross-server PvP and the very first dynamic solo-instance. A new trailer has been released, watch it below!

The War Front expansion brings a new multiplayer mode, "Battle for Treasure Island", and a cross-server update to Nation Wars (Both modes will offer new rewards based on individual and team performance).

PWI War Front F2P1 PWI War Front F2P2 PWI War Front F2P3 PWI War Front F2P4

In Battle for Treasure island, a 120-player battle, players will have to defeat their enemies and kill the enemy faction's commander or destroy all their resources. On the other hand, Cross-server Nation Wars will be a bi-weekly event that that builds upon the current Territory Wars as players battle across servers to conquer nations.

It also adds to the game the long-waited feature Dynamic solo instances. War Front introduces the first: Heavenfall, a new instance with 108 levels of content that continuously changes when players enter. Those who survive will be ranked based on the performance and will get a reward.

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Source of information: Perfect World Entertainment press release

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