Planetside 2, Sneak Peek of Future Updates

SOE has just notified to the players of Planetside 2 that is better to be prepared for the upcoming content updates which are coming to the game and which include some amazing features such as Battle Islands, which are competitive 48v48 battles.

Designed to encourage close quarter Outfit vs Outfit battles, Battle Islands will be integrated into the live game servers and will have a population cap. All gear, vehicles and features available in the open world of Auraxis will be available in the Battle Islands, just with fewer places to run or hide.

Moreover, players will see some nice updates to the Infiltrator class. The Infiltrator will now be deadlier and stealthier than ever with updates including a stalker cloak, motion sensor and recon drone. Decoy grenades will also help the Infiltrator to distract enemy troops.

 Source of information: SOE press release.

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