Planet War starts its open beta

Planet War, the new space browser game of Yoogames, has started today its open beta.

In the Open beta, the players can develop resource plants that will fund expeditions and repair ships and build a research center to discover advanced technologies.

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In Planet War, players can build massive ships to explore the Milky Way to learn of the ancient alien civilizations. Players can explore alien technology and build alliances with many alien races to help develop the vast galaxy. Build space fleets continuously, explore unclaimed star systems with other players and NPC's, and negotiate different foreign policies in order to avoid or create war.

To celebrate the open beta launch of Planet War, numerous contests will run between now and August 30th. Events include building the largest army of Commanders (top 20 players receive 100000-Resource Pack*2, MK-C Kit I and MK-C Kit II), racing towards the best technology (all players who upgrade their Heavy Warshop Tech to Level 5 receive 100000-Resource Pack*2, Skill Point Reset Potion*2 and 50000-Coin Card*1), and so much more.

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