Perfect World International has launched its sixth expansion, Sirens War

Perfect World Entertainment, Inc. has announced the launch of the sixth expansion of Perfect World International, Sirens of War. The expansion brings new skills for all classes, new quests, a new system of battlefields, the Nation Wars, among many other innovations.

"Sirens of War brings exciting changes for veterans and beginners alike, and it really has never been a better time for players to dive in," said Tony Liu, Product Manager for the internationally praised free-to-play MMORPG title. "For the first time in PWI, Nation Wars brings an incredible server-wide battle system that allows thousands of players to simultaneously fight with and against each other. This will be one of the most incredible grand scale battle systems imaginable."

New features in the expansion include, among others:

- Nation Wars - Brand new battlefield will allow thousands of players to fight for domination over hundreds of regions, in an incredible PvP system that force players to reinvent fighting skills, tactical intelligence, and strategic plans.

- Revamped Skills - Skills have been modified across all classes, streamlining the pulse-pounding combat system to be faster, fiercer, and deadlier than ever.

- New Weapons, Equipment, and Enhancements - Fight for glory and honor in Nation Wars and earn even more powerful weapons and equipment, while uncovering new methods to enhance and modify your existing equipment.

- More Quests and Improved Leveling - Enjoy all-new story lines and an improved leveling experience, as this new expansion rolls out the red carpet for new players and veterans alike. Invite your friends to join you as you rediscover the joys of Perfect World!

Source of information: press release of Perfect World Entertaintment

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