Path of Exile announces its Third Act

Grinding Gear Games has unveiled new details of a new expansion of its upcoming dark and deep indie action MMORPG Path of Exile. The expansion named Act 3 take players to the ruined city of Sarn, where you will find those who exiled them of Wraeclast, and discover how the city has been corrupted by evil forces.

Also PvP arenas will be introduced in the next patch, making Act 3 more bloody. Act 3 will become available when Path of Exile enters Open Beta in December.

Act 3 adds an extra 50% of content to Path of Exile’s world,” says Grinding Gear Games producer Chris Wilson. “Our already gritty game gets a lot darker as players explore Sarn and witness the full extent of the corruption and cataclysm. High-level characters will really enjoy some of the enemy encounters and combat challenges.

Source of information: Grinding Gear Games press release

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