Path of Exile Massive PvP Update


Path of Exile will release a huge PvP-centric content update on December 12, revamping features and introducing to the game competitive tournaments with regular seasons, a new PvP-focused Forsaken Master, PvP-only characters,Torment and Bloodlines challenge leagues, new gems, unique items, a massive update to the passive skill tree and dozens of other new enhancements.

In addition to introducing seasons of tournaments, a lot of PvP-specific rebalancing will be implemented. New UI improvements include an Events Screen that shows upcoming events (including PvP tournaments) in the game client.

The update will include the option to create a blank level 28 character that is only able to play PvP matches. These PvP-only characters won't impact regular gameplay, but will allow players to shortcut the process of trying out level 28 PvP builds and creating characters for tournaments.

December will mark the start of two new Challenge Leagues, Torment and Bloodlines. In Torment, the standard Challenge League, players are haunted by the spirits of tormented criminals that yield their ill-gotten gains when slain. In Bloodlines, the hardcore Challenge League, each pack of magic monsters has a shared Bloodlines mod that greatly influences combat

These new leagues have eight highly difficult challenges to complete. The first challenge completed will reward the player with a Totem Pole decoration that can be displayed in their Hideout, which grows taller as more challenges are completed. The first 50 players to complete all of the challenges will receive an exclusive Torment/Bloodlines t-shirt.

This PvP update will introduce several different types of PvP tournaments. Free-for-all tournaments take place in the Sarn Arena. They're a massive brawl where players get one point per player kill. Swiss tournaments are highly competitive tournaments that match players with similar records against each other. Competing in tournaments awards players with points that accumulate towards Alternate Art Unique Item prizes. PvP Tournaments are grouped into Seasons that consist of a month of themed events.


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