Otherland Second Closed Beta Kicks Off


Otherland launches today the second Closed Beta test, introducing to the game the crafting system, the Auction House, new quests and the in-game mail system. And we have beta keys if you wanna test it.

Based on player feedback from the last CB, a lot of effort went into re-balancing, as Łukasz Błaszczyk, alias „Havock“, DRAGO Lead Content and Game Mechanics Designer said: “We had to redefine the DPS formulas because participants reported some interesting errors in certain cases. Our investment of time was worth it - we are now happy with the results and are looking forward to the reaction from our testers.”

Crafting will be the main focus on this second test. Players will be able to craft their own items based on their electronic DNA, obtained from killed enemies. The eDNA system is one of the core features of the game.

If you want to join the test, you can grab a key right here:

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