Open Beta time for Pandaemonic: Lords of Legions


Today, Deutsche Telekom has unveiled that the open beta phase for their strategy browser game, Pandaemonic: Lords of Legions, has just started. Players can register free of charge at the official website and start to play immediately.

Pandaemonic Lords of legions screenshot 7Pandaemonic Lords of legions screenshot 6

Players will take the role of a demon lord in a devastated land destroyed by the war, and wrestle with others to conquer the world and gain the title of arch-demon. To reach their goal and extend their area of power, they accumulate raw materials and expand their fortress. They can team-up with other players so survive agains the most dungerous enemies and face the hardest challenges offered by the game.

Pandaemonic Lords of legions screenshot 4Pandaemonic Lords of legions screenshot 3

· Collect and manage raw materials to construct a fortress with numerous buildings.

· Set up an army of dreadful demons and hold epic battles as PvE / PvP.

· Explore the extensive overworld, conquer fields of raw materials and expand your realm by constructing new fortresses.

· Joint battles against alliances of other players to conquer the world.

· Carry out numerous quests and collect experience points.


Source of information: Deutsche Telekom press release


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