Ominimon arrives in Digimon Masters


Ominom, one of the most requested Digimon, arrived today in Digimon Masters, the free to play MMORPG published by Joymax based on the popular Japanese anime series.

In order to tame this new powerful creature, the players will need to master the new Jogress system, that will allow them to combine two different Digimon in one brand new creature.

“Omnimon is, hands down, the most requested Digimon we’ve ever seen for Digimon Masters,” said the lead developer of Digimon Masters.  "With the addition of the new Jogress system, players will have a new way to Digivolve, and it opens up a huge avenue for us to add other special Digimon in 2013.”

Source of informations: Joymax press release



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