Oktoberfest is coming to Alaplaya games

Florensia Online, Fantasy Tennis, ARGO and S4 League is going to celebrate this typically German festival.

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- Florensia players will get dressed in the traditional Oktoberfest robes, as the "Dirndl dress" and "Lederhosen" and get special mounts as "Stout" and "Beer".


- Fantasy Tennis, comes with some accessories for the sets of the game.

- ARGO Online reward players with typical products of the Oktoberfest, as "Brezno", "Hendl", "Mass", "Dirndl dress" and "Lederhosen". During these days, users can also see flags of Bavaria and barbecue stands around the game.

- S4 League, the 3D action game alaplaya, include new accessories Oktoberfest themed.

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