Ogame celebrates its 10th anniversary

Ogame celebrates its 10th anniversary

Gameforge has announced that Ogame its space strategy game is celebrating its 10th anniversary. This game is one of the first free MMO of the industry and thats why Ogame has a place of honor as one of the games most successful of its kind in the Berlin Computer Games Museum.

The best thing about OGame is that the game has managed to maintain its own charm even after all these years”, said Rouven Schaube, Product Director at Gameforge. “Naturally we are always thinking about how we can create the balance between traditions that the players are fond of and new, modern content in order to keep up with the times. But we have managed to protect this prevailing mood that players love OGame for from day one on over the years – not least thanks to the amazing support we have received from the community.

Source of information: press release from Gameforge.

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