NGames Unveils Abyss Dark Arisen


NGames has just unveiled a new free to play Action RPG coming to our browsers this June, Abyss Dark Arisen. This new title has been developed with Flash 3D, it uses the latest Stage3D technology and it doesn't require any plugin or client.


Abyss screenshot 4 Abyss screenshot 3 Abyss screenshot 2 Abyss screenshot 6

The game features a quite simple combat system: players control their character's momvement with the left mouse and use numbers 1 to 4 for the skills after a selecting a target with the mouse or the TAB.

There are three classes: warrior, Mage and Priest. Each one with special skills. And it features elite dungeons, and arena PvP (solo and team duels) with more than 10 players fighting each other.

Watch the announcement trailer:


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