New Update for Cabal Online: Rising Force Extreme

ESTsoft Inc. has just announced the launch of a new content update for Cabal Online: Rising Force Extreme, will be available on August 1, 2013, bringing several new changes, features, additions, and challenges for players to explore and master.

The update will add impressive new abilities for every class, along with new synergy skills exclusive to their Battle Mode 3 forms. These new abilities have been specially tuned for each class to provide exciting new options in combat.

Among these additions also is the Extreme upgrade system which presents an entirely new way for players to take their equipment to the next level, offering benefits for items that have never been possible before in-game. Adding all new extended potential for existing equipment, this dynamic and intuitive system allows players to take their previously maxed out items to the extreme.

Moreover, players will be able to venture into the depths of the Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened), one of the toughest challenges of Cabal Online. Once entered, they will be forced to battle not only to beat the clock, but also to save their lives in this brutal Time Attack challenge to gain a great deal of rewards.

Source of information: ESTsoft press release.

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