A New Tier of Planes for World of Warplanes


World of Warplanes launches a new content update that adds to the game a new line of Tier 5 and higher Russian MiG fighters as well as revamps the currently existing plane roster by adding a new multirole class of warplanes for ultimate player freedom and customization.


WoWP_Screens_Warplanes_USSR_Mig_15_Image_06 WoWP_Screens_Warplanes_USSR_I_250_Image_05 WoWP_Screens_Warplanes_USSR_I_220_Image_04 WoWP_Screens_Warplanes_USSR_I_210_Image_03

The Russian MiG line of jets helped define an entire era of aircraft combat. Starting at Tier 5, the new line of aircraft includes the MiG-3, MiG-9 and the legendary MiG-15bis, one of the world’s first swept wing jet fighters to be ever produced and find success in the skies of battle.

Update 1.6 will also see major changes in the creation of a brand new class of warbird—the multirole fighter. Made specifically for players looking for fighters with a balance between both air and ground combat, the new multirole class will allow them to outfit planes with armaments balanced between high caliber guns and ground destroying bombs and rockets. Previous
aircraft in the fighter class, as a result, have now been designated as pure aerial combat dogfighters, which will also benefit from new balance changes for both cannons and machine guns.


WoWP_Screens_Warplanes_USA_XF_75_Image_02 WoWP_Screens_Warplanes_Britain_Meteor_I_Image_01

Lastly, the El Halluf map will see its boundaries extended, providing a more ample landscape for battle.

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