New MOBA Games of Glory Launching This Summer


Developed by Lightbulb, Games of Glory is a new free to play MOBA game that implements the perks, action and skill-based gameplay of shooter games. It will be released on Steam and PC early this summer (specific date to be determinated in the following weeks), and a cinematic trailer highlighting the narrative has been released.

"Games of Glory is such an exciting project because it will offer existing MOBA fans the action they love while opening the door for new players with its unique style and gameplay, while enhancing the social aspects of the gaming community," Co-founder of Lightbulb Crew, Anders Larsson, said. "We really don't think there is a term currently out there that truly encapsulates what Games of Glory is. The best thing I can think of is 'SHMOBA', because it has qualities of the popular MOBA genre while creating an innovative gameplay experience with its shooter mechanics."


Games of Glory shot 3 Games of Glory shot 2 Games of Glory shot 1

Players will need to continuously mantain situational awareness while switching between ranged and melee weapons due to the non-stop action, the battle conditions and the run-and-gun mechanics. Each game will require players to adjust their strategies as the customizable arsenal, perks and abilities means no game will play out in the same way.

It features no auto-attack or lane phases and different game modes with several objetives. . Victory relies on the skills of each player and the teamwork.


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