New Game Mode for Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals received another major content update with the release of 'Young'. This new update introduces a new infantry-online game mode, a new map, vehicle camouflage, a new light transport vehicle for the Germans, new spawn protection mechanics, new weapons and skins and several tweaks to gameplay.

The new game mode is called 'Encounter'. It takes players to infantry-only battles on a small map without distractions from vehicles. In this mode, the goal is to capture and hold a single objetive.

This update also wants to improve the overall gameplay experience alleviating spawn camping with a new and improved spawn protection system that prevents players to be killed while spawning. Young also provides players with an experience bonus for the underdog faction.

Additionally, this update brings 2 new weapons and a new vehicle, one of the most unique vehicles developed in WW2: the tracked motorcycle Kettenkrad Typ HK 101, which is introduced as a German light transport vehicle. The Young update also features new weapon skins, and the long awaited community requested arrival of vehicle camouflage.

Watch the video to learn more:

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Source: Reto-Moto Press Release.

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