New Expansion Coming to Age of Wulin


Age of Wulin will release its second expansion, 'Wisdom is a journey', on November 25th. It will bring to the game two level cap enhancements: character-specific strength cap and character-defining Sect skills.

The character-specific strength cap will be increased by opening up the new, mysterious 4th Internal Skill of each of the 8 existing Sects. The character-defining Sect skills will receive a critical upgrade; players will soon be able to perfect their martial art skills to the 8th and 9th levels.

The expansion will come too with more challenging versions of existing dungeons, particularly the “Sect Forbidden Instances”, and two new PvP tournaments: The Dragon and Tiger Tournament & the Inter-Sect Tournament. Both new competitions offer near-daily matches, leading up to weekend finals, with opportunities to win skill books and progression items along the way.


Age of Wulin - New Update - 03 Age of Wulin - New Update - 02 Age of Wulin - New Update - 01


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