New e-Sports Mode for Combat Arms

Combat Arms has added a new game mode especially designed for e-Sports. Pure Combat Mode (PCM) is a tactical mode that features unique and competitive weapons and balanced matches. In this new mode, only compatible weapons, gear and items are permitted.

The mode is supplied with its own arsenal and allows players to equip themselves as they please (within the available wide array of weapons and the armory). To celebrate the release of this new mode, the game will feature a +100% EXP/GP Bonus to all Search & Destroy matches played until 2nd December.

Combat Arms PCM screenshot

Below you'll find a list with the approved items for this mode:

  • AR - M16A3, AK-47, FAMAS, G36E, AK-74U, K2, MK16 SCAR-L, M4A1, M14, FS2000

  • SMG - K7, MAC-10, MP5A4, UMP, UZI, K1A

  • SR - M24, L96A1, SR25, MSG-90

  • MG - MG21E, RPK

  • SG - Double barrel, R870, SPAS-12

  • Secondary - M92FS, K5, M1911 MEU, G23, USP, Cobra .38 Special, Desert Eagle

  • Melee - M9, Sickle, G.I. Shovel, Kukri, 3 LB Sledge, Bowie knife

  • Support - M67 Frag, XM84 Flash, M18 Smoke, M16A1 AP Mine

  • Gear - MICH, Combat Helmet, Aviator Glasses, Sport Shades, Light Vest, Arctic Camo, Desert Camo, Urban Camo

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Source: Nexon Press Release

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