New details of Knight Age’s Siege Warfare

Joymax has unveiled new details about the Siege Warfare of its new MMORPG, Knight Age. In the Siege Warfare the guilds named "Order of Knights", will fight against hordes of monsters charged with protecting the castle.

What is essential to achieve this goal is strengthen your Order in both power and number. Once this requirement is fulfilled and you are trying to enter the Castle your objective will be to break down the doors, and arrive to the crystal hidden behind the sturdy doors

Once a guild has reached their objective, sooner or later other Orders will break down the castle doors and flock to the crystal.  It is essential to defend in order to prevent opposing guilds from gaining points.  The winning Order used their sheer number of members and their ability to arrive first to stop all on-coming players!

Source of information: Joymax press release

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