New Content Update for C9 on July 26


C9 (Continent of the Ninth Seal) will receive a new content update on July 26, introducing a new level cap (70), new dungeons, new daily missions, new skill books for each class, new equipment and some other features.

This content patch will add two new dungeons -Twisted Forest Maze and Fallen Water Dragon Shrine- that will take players to the deepest part of the new continent, and it will also unlock ultimate rare equipment, equipment with a higher grade than "perfect rare". These new pieces of gear will be obtainable via any artisan, and players will find the needed materials in the new dungeons. But that's not all, with this update players will also be able to get new guild relics.

Within these new dungeons players will also be able to find the new skill books to learn new skills.

Additionally, new daily missions and a new mini-game will be added as well with the update. Check out the following teaser trailer:

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