Navyfield 2 announces its public evaluation test

NEXON Europe has announced the beginning of the public evaluation test of Navyfield 2 in 3 different languages. Interested players may request an invitation on the pre-register website which will go live on the 16th January 2013.

Throughout the Public Evaluation Test, the Nexon Team will continuously invite more test players who pre-registered and has planned a furious finale for the Evaluation Test Stage.

For the launch of NavyField 2, we decided to go back to basics with what a beta test really should be: An evaluation test of a new game instead of simply a marketing tool”, says Holger Zimmermann, Director of Operations at Nexon Europe. “The invitations to this testing period will be exclusive and limited. Since NavyField 2 is not a game that already has an extensive service history in other territories, we require our players to give constructive feedback that will really make a difference in the game’s final polishing before launch as well as test the technical aspects of the service. This is why we rather call it a Public Evaluation Test.

Source of information: Nexon Europe press release


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