Mythos classes trailer released

A new Mythos trailer has been released, revealing gameplay of classes, which will allow to choose our first one to start with. For those who have been waiting to get a glimpse of how the Pyromancer gets his opponents hot under the collar, see the Gadgeteer ripping it up, or witnessing the Bloodletter decimating his enemies in cold blood, then wait no more..

This new Mythos class trailer showcases the unique and powerful character skills from each of three character classes. In typical hack`n`slash style, characters of all classes and creeds can hunt monsters in groups in the action-packed MMO world. With the Pyromancer’s mighty fireballs, the long-range destruction of the Gadgeteer´s grenades, or the whirling blades of the Bloodletter, excitement is guaranteed even if you prefer to stalk the gloomy dungeons on your own.

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