Monster Madness Online begins its Alpha 1 public testing

Nom Nom Games has announced the start of the Alpha 1 public testing of its upcoming action RPG shooter Monster Madness Online which is now available for Windows, Mac, Linux and web browsers, and soon is going to be available for Android and iOS devices. The game takes place in the popular world of Monster Madness, and features 4-player co-op campaign missions, survival modes and competitive PvP arenas where up to 16 players can fight at the same time.

Monster madness F2P4 Monster madness F2P1

In the game you can customize your characters and their classes, improve their weapons and equipment, and even train pets which will assist them in combat. In this public Alpha, players can enjoy new content and features among which we find the survival map "The Diremarsh", six new types of enemies, (Headless Priest, Miss Hiss, Harpies, Big Foot, Evil Trees and Skeletons), a new final boss, the Grim Reaper, a new story mission called "the great cat hunt", new weapons, the boomerang and the soda grenade launcher and new skills, pets, and cosmetic items.

Monster madness F2P2 Monster madness F2P3

Giving players super early access to the game lets the community be directly involved in the development of Monster Madness Online,” said Jeremy Stieglitz, director at Nom Nom Games. “Fans can have input into features they would like to see in the final game.

Source of information: Nom Nom Games press release

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