Exclusive review of the browser MMORTS the Settlers Online

Exclusive review of the browser MMORTS the Settlers Online

The Settlers Online is a browser based mmorts published by Ubisoft and you can directly play it from your favourite browser.

During this exclusive review we'll explain in detail what you can find inside the world of The Settlers Online, that take place in the same universe of the famous brand The Settlers.

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The player can start his own adventure with only one main building, the Mayor's House and he needs to build a big and rich society, thanks to the numerous raw materials that are alla scattered around the world of The Settlers Online.

The player will be guided inside the game thanks to an accurate tutorial, that will explain to him all the different types of buildings that are inside the game. The player have to gather food, stone, wood and a lot of others raw materials to let his community grow bigger and bigger.

There are several basic buildings inside the game that can be upgraded and let the player build new ones, spending of course more resources and raw materials. In order to build bigger and bigger buildings the player needs to wait some minutes to several hours.

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The technical part is very well done and the graphic is really good to be a browser game. The Settlers Online offers a really huge number of good features for all the lovers of the mmorts genre and also a very well done chat system. The massive part of the game is to do alliance with other players and trade with them in order to grow your community of settlers bigger and bigger.

All the lovers of the online rts will surely like this title and will play a lot of time inside the universe of The Settlers Online.

Have fun!

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By: David Puig

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