Exclusive review of Asda 2

Exclusive review of Asda 2

Thanks to the user of F2P.com, Bllackangell, we bring you this exclusive review of Asda 2.


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Asda Story has evolved to bring us Asda 2. To clarify Asda 2 is not an update to the current Asda Story as some were expecting it to be but a totally new game. Asda Story will not be closed instead the 2 games will be running simultaneously. There will be no transfers to Asda 2, it will be a clean start for all players to begin on an even playing ground.
Asda2 is the continuation of the popular MMORPG, Asda Story. It is a free to download and free to play game brought to you by Games Campus. Asda 2 will take off from the point where Asda Story ends with a truce called between Dark and Light. The story starts with an uneasy alliance between two of the Factions (“Light” and “Dark”), who had driven back the third (“Chaos”) but eventually succumbed to in-fighting and brought about a direct war between the two.


Once you get to lvl 10 you will be able to change classes. Players are able to choose between eight classes to match their playing style with specialized weapons. With these classes players are now able to choose a much more specialized role.Classes are named after the weapons that are specific for that class. Next class change is at lvl 30, where you talk to your job trainer at Silaris.


With the new avatar system player will be able to personalize their character’s physical appearance with nearly endless customization thru both avatar system and sowel system. This will give players extensive control over their character’s look and style. There are also spaces for accessories and jewelry, additional hairstyles, and wings. The Avatar items will also provide stats for the character but only in small amount.


Asda 2 has made quite some changes in the graphic. Compared to the Asda Story the graphics are now a lot smoother and nicer. While the Asda ones are considered quite bright in my opinion the ones in asda 2 are balanced quite well. They are vibrant, clean and very unique 3-D Anime-style graphics (and we all love anime xD). Not only that but they also blend in well and do not appear to be out of place, they are colorful and enjoyable. One thing that was a very nice surprise was that you can’t go thru objects. You probably notice that in most games you can go thru trees and houses but here you character goes ASROUND them. I found this very nice and refreshing. All in all Graphically, Asda 2 does look quite nice, character models are cute and anime inspired , the enemies are animated nicely (more cute monster to kill, now how doesn’t love that x) ) That’s all I can really say.
As for the music it seems much softer than the original asda music. I would say that it gives that dreamy feeling that fantasy games do (and we are going for the fantasy game here let me remind you). I went and downloaded asda story simply to hear the difference between the two and if I may say so asda 2 music is way better than the classic asda one.

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The game play goes the same as for any other MMORPG game. We start by creating our character, we choose hairstyle, face and hair color. There is also constellation system for which is said that there will be costumes later in the game for each sign. For the most part, the game play should be familiar to anyone who has ever played a MMORPG. You’ll talk to NPCs that will give you quests, which mostly boil down to “kill x amount of cute creatures” and then delivering items from one place to the next. You’ve got a quest tracker, monsters dropping loot, items you can sell to merchants, a hot bar that you can fill with skills, etc. But instead of saying all this it’s best to simply show you.
If you wish to see a detailed game play I suggest watching this video.
And for those too lazy to click the link here are some screenshots.

Asda 2 has a lot of different features to offer to players. I won’t cover them all since there are a lot and I didn’t have enough time to try them all. If you are interested what else you can do in the game be sure to download and try Asda 2 for yourself.
There are more features not listed here like Guild system, Big world to explore, Mail system, Title System, Dungeons, Pets, Mounts, etc with many more system changes and updates to come!

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The most important part of any MMO game is the community. Even if you don’t like the game if you have friends you wish to continue to play with you will stick to it, and on the contrary if you don’t you are most likely to leave because no one likes to play alone. Well here you won’t have that problem, I can proudly say that Asda 2 community is great. The GM in charge of the game is not only helpful but nice as well an interesting person. During CBT she was running around answering question that players might have had about the game. She spent a lot of time simply chatting with the players, and she was generous enough to give us some gifts. Some players got a cape (almost all that wanted xD) some got bunny ears. The other group that makes community so great is the players themselves.
If you simply ask nice for help almost always someone will come rushing to you, sometimes even two to three people xD. The forums look nice and clean. GM Aries isn’t the only one looking after them, so are the players. If you post any question you can be sure you will get an answer very soon. All in all Asda 2 has shown to have some great staff and members of the community. If you don’t wish to check the game for itself then you should do it for the community.


To start playing a game you need to create a character first. You can choose between male and female. You character name can range from 1 to 18 letters or numbers combined. Next we have a constellation where you may choose you zodiac sign or any other that you wish. Costumes specific for each sign will be implanted later in the game. And now there is hairstyles and hair color. As for facial expressions there are a lot of them some cute some goofy you will definitely be able to find one that suits you. And with that done you can now start playing.

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There is a fair amount of quests in the game. I liked that there were enough quests each lvl to help me get to the next and as soon as I leveled I got a new set of quests I could finish. The rewards are also quite nice and the amount of gold you receive as well as experience is fair. There are also repeat quests that you can get from bulletin board and party quests. And what every player loves auto walk. Not only does the game lead you to the monster you need to kill but it also leads you back to the NPC you need to turn that quest in. You can see on your right side of the screen a small box that tells you how much more items you need to collect before you can finish that quest.

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Each character comes with a special soul guardian that activates once you’ve preformed enough special attacks. The guardian will hover over your head and help you in combat as long as you keep using abilities to keep their meter filled up enough. The guardians differ for mage, warrior and archer.
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Those that played Asda Story should be familiar with this feature. This system lets players partner up to level faster and gain powerful skills, bonus items, and other in-game rewards while playing together. Once you find a soul mate you two will benefit off each other by working together as much as you can. While playing together your attacks will be more powerful and you will gain experience faster. Other benefits of having a soul mate are a set of special skills that only soul mates can use. When you’re close you can do increased damage, have special resurrection and healing skills, and when you’re far apart, you can instantly warp to where your soul mate is in the game. Any soul mate skills that you have gained will disappear once you break up with your soul mate, but will be returned when you find another soul mate. They can even earn experience for each other while one of them is offline. You also get to use 3 more emotions when having a soul mate. And that’s not all Asda 2 takes it further with a new “Marriage System” which will allow players to gain further in-game benefits while playing together. The marriage system is continuing to be developed, but it will vastly improve the capabilities and power of a Soul Mate pair.
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Our dear blacksmith is a hard working NPC. Working day and night to help players with all their needs. This NPC will help you with your crafting and also upgrading. He will also repair your equipment any time for a decent fee of course.

There are some items that can only be crafted in game. To make them you will first need a recipe. You can either buy them from a shop or get them as a monster drop. Once you learn the recipe you can see what ingredients you will need to make it. When you collect them all take them to the blacksmith, he will make you what you want. Your crafting level will rise as you craft more items. The current maximum crafting level is 10.

For upgrading your items you will need special stones that go by item rank and armor or weapon you want to upgrade. Up to some point failing will only lower the upgrade by one but after failing will break your item. The max item upgrade is +15 right now, and your weapon glows at +6, increases at +11, and again at +15.

When an item’s durability or reaches 0, you can repair your equipment for a small fee.
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The Sowel system works something like gem socketing systems. The Sowel items provide armor weapons with their attack and defense values, and also improve a character’s own stamina, intelligence, dexterity, etc. Players are able to replace older, weaker Sowels with the more powerful ones they find as the level through the game. This system is great because it lets players keep the equipment they like. Even if their level goes higher than that of their equipment they just need to replace the weaker sowel for a new more powerful.


Players are now able to join either Light or Darkness faction. Core PvP fans will enjoy the latest in faction-based battles, conquering cities to gain server-wide benefits there are also faction death matches that let players settle personal grudges. While fighting for their faction players will be able to earn themselves titles, PvP ranks, exclusive items, and other in-game perks. Your strength also depends on time of the battle, using the weather system there is a time-based PvP system in which the characters of each faction will become more powerful during their time of the day. For example the Dark faction will have increased stats when night arrives, while Light will receive much greater benefits during the day. Players will be able to conquering cities together, taking control of maps to gain access to more powerful items, granting them control over the tax rates and unlock access to exclusive PvP items in shops while they control the city. Mining War takes players to an open PvP map where they will fight to take over the centralized towers on the map. The faction that wins takes control over the mining area and can excavate valuable resources and some of the strongest PvP armor and weapons in the game. With all these PvP modes you will be sure to find something that you will like.


And that’s not even half of the thing you can do in the game. You can relax by going fishing. Fishing helps you gather some materials that you will need to make special kind of recipes. By the way, have you ever tried fishing while standing on water?
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If you get too bored waiting for the fish to bite why not go for a swim. Maybe if you swim with the fishes they might bite more xP. Another nice idea is the dig system, which allows you to take a shovel, get digging, and seeing if you can manage to find anything. Besides digging for items, you can also receive crafting supplies and experience too.
What every game should have Jumping. It doesn’t serve any special purpose but simply for fun. Most of us tend to complain how the storage isn’t big enough, or how we don’t have enough room to put our costumes. Well Asda 2 developers were thinking about us and gave us a special closet just for our costumes. And we get to use not one but two storages for our equipment and other items.


As you can see it has some major changes compared to Asda Story. Come and explore and enjoy the new world now with the ability to swim and jump, night and day, and weather. Plenty of jobs to choose from, with sowel and avatar system make your character look great and, enjoy the new 2-faction PvP system, find your soul mate and level together and lots more. Asda 2 is certainly worth checking out. If you’re looking for a no hassle anime styled fantasy MMORPG, give Asda 2 a try you won’t be disappointed.


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