Exclusive Luvinia Preview

Exclusive Luvinia Preview

We’ve been playing Luvinia Online CBT and would like to share some information about the game with you all.

It is a high fantasy mmo rpg from Outspark, with a deep subclasses system, PvP, professions, several areas and frequent in-game events.

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First we found is a classic character creation menu with several options to choose from as your faction, gender, constellation and character customization stuff like face, hairstyle or hair color. Once you’re in the game, you quickly get used to the interface as it is the classic one, but improved with several tools and features which makes this game stand out from the rest.

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In Luvinia Online, you can improve your gear in several ways, there is a gems system to improve stats and even a card system by which you can further improve your equipment , always it has card slots of course.

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There are far more features which make this game quite easy to play like the complete tutorial that guides you step by step through every single aspect of the game and the gifts you get from time to time containing gear, potions and much more.

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Starting area has a stunning visuals finding yourself moving from npc to npc, killing mobs and gathering stuff, plus you have a cool dialogue boxes old-rpg style on each NPC which brings you even more information about the story arc and the lore itself, we found questing and leveling is so easy in Luvinia Online due to the auto-movement feature which keep your character moving while you perform other actions. The fight is so visual and simple with colorful effects and you can improve your skills so there is no need to have several skills but powerful ones.

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PK protection system that allows you to choose from several options until you find your desired pvp style, be safe where you want, and attack who you want.

Advanced mail handling that brings the speed to the tedious task of checking the mail, allowing you to perform actions on several mails at a time.

All in one bag to avoid spreading all your stuff among 5 bags.

In-game store where you can get from useful to vanity items by paying a diamonds which you can get by different ways.

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You can even play it all alone with mouse, mouse movement by clicking places on map or screen, or pressing both mouse buttons, attacking and looting is also doable with your mouse, on the other hand, you have a full control from your keyboard allowing you to attacking using bound keys, target with tab key and loot nearby objects by pressing space bar.

Once you’re out of the starting zone you’re introduced into professions, like gathering flowers and ore for example, and get a first taste on the badges and rewards system, which allow you to get better gear by completing specific missions that grant you badges to buy gear.

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A cool feature this game implements and that we’ve already checked out is the event system, they’re throwing them all the time and keep you updated through a special website section and server messages if you’re in-game, there was a world boss in the low level area we were questing at and saw the server message, headed to the location you’re told about and found a big boss which we couldn’t bit for ourselves, so it was time to team up with somebody else if we wanted to beat it!

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Auto-movement so you just have to click on a mob or npc link you find in quest window, even a place on the map and your character will go there while you can check your inventory or chat.

NPC search where you can find the closest npc type you need, like a Weapon merchant for example.

To sum up, is a game where you quickly find yourself confortable due to its easy-to-play mechanics, tutorials that keep you always informed about features and simple interface, its visual looking and effects plus its sounds & music make it so funny and enjoyable and keep you playing for hours since you never get stuck, we recommend you to give it a try since it’s free and judge by yourselves.


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