Aika Online presents several new systems

Aika Online presents several new systems

GPotato has added several new systems to Aika Online, nation balance, in-game commerce and the new-player experience have been completely revamped.

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A new Auction House has been implemented, combining the 5 national Auction Houses into one International Auction House. Players selling items now have 5 times the potential buyers, and buyers likewise have 5 times the population looking to sell. A mail system has also been added to Aika Online, allowing its players to instantly deliver messages, gold, and items to friends even if they’re offline!

Two new systems have been added to preserve the balance of power and population between Aika’s five nations. The first is an upgrade to the already popular Recommended Nation system. Any new player who creates a character in the Recommended Nation will get special bonus quests every 10 levels, rewarding the player with powerful items upon completion.
The second, exclusive to gPotato’s version of Aika, is the Reinforcements balancing system. If a nation’s active PvP population falls below a certain point, the system gives active level 50+ citizens daily reinforcement packages featuring power-boosting premium items.

Lastly, new players can now start with 2 different beginner packages. The Beginner Package helps players meet their Pran, and the Level Rewards Box will give increasingly powerful items throughout the game. There has never been a better time to be a new player in Aika.

To usher in these new systems, Aika Online is throwing four huge events. First, current Aika players can receive their Level Rewards Box simply for logging in between May 26th and June 1st, this package contains over $100 in in-game items.

Additionally, XP events will run all over Lakia, with 2 times the XP in all PvP channels and 3 times the XP on Thursdays. Also a World Drop Event is also running, Players can earn premium items and large sums of gold just for killing MOBs.

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