Ministry of War presents its new expansion Blood of the Nobles

Snail Games USA has launched a new expansion to Ministry of War, Blood of the Nobles.

This expansion brings new features including a revamped friends system and over a hundred new exclusive items.

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The new features include:
* A revamped friends system, which gives users a brand new interface that rewards cooperation and teamwork with in-game prizes.
* Noble’s Work Force, which provides automatic systems like construction and research, freeing Nobles to focus exclusively on expanding their Empire and defeating enemies.
* A Nobility system, where players can become Nobles and unlock a huge collection of exclusive benefits.

New items with exclusive features include, but are not limited to:

* Platinum Nobles can activate all seven functions of the Noble’s Work Force
* Gold Nobles can activate three functions of the Noble’s Work Force
* Silver Nobles can activate one function of the Noble’s Work Force

* Birthright of Nobility: contains a random quantity of Troops (Troop Tier is also randomly selected)
* 1-day Armistice, 3-day Armistice, and 7-day Armistice: provides protection from battles for varying lengths of time

Snail Games has announced the launch of a new server, Triumph.
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