MicroVolts Surge launches the Undercover Operation Update


MicroVolts: Surge, the third person shooter from Rock Hippo Productions is going to receive a new content update called Undercover Operation. The new update is going to add to the game new weapons, a new map, new costumes for your characters, an improved UI, new upgrades and the possibility to switch servers.

The new versions of the characters include Chic Operative Pandora, Vogue Operative Pandora, Fashion Agent Naomi, Couture Agent Naomi, Artist Kai, Virtuoso Kai,Tight C.H.I.P., Awsome C.H.I.P. and Jimi C.H.I.P.

Remember that we still have a running giveaway for the game, which let you get a Red Baron uniform for your character!

Source of information: Rock Hippo Productions press release

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