MechWarrior Online released the new Quickdraw Mech


Piranha Games has released a new mech for its free-to-play mech shooter, MechWarrior Online: the Quickdraw. This new mechanical titan is designed to be a fast close-combat unit, and is available in 3 different models.

With speeds topping 85 kph with a mass of 60 tons, the Quickdraw can manage jumps more than 150 meters while raining down hell upon its enemies in intimate combat.
Additionally, today sees the availability of a new, tricked out Champion Mech for MechWarrior Online: pilots in the Inner Sphere can now try and buy the ferocious Hunchback HBK-4P(C) which comes with a 10 percent XP Bonus.

quickdraw7 copyquickdraw3 copy


Moreover, this patch brings into the game a new fashion item for your cockpit: the Spider Mech.

Source of information: Piranha Games.

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