Marvel Heroes Exclusive interview with David Brevik


During our press access day to Marvel Heroes we were able to take a moment away from playing the game to have a sit down interview with David Brevik, President and COO of Gazillion.

We were lead from the conference room where we’d been playing the game for the last two hours down into the hotel café bar for our one on one, a very informal and casual affair that had been echoed throughout the day. It was pretty clear that these guys loved gaming and they loved their product, experts in their field and as well-known an industry figure as David Brevik is he’s also extremely approachable and easy to talk to.

We set up our camera and ordered a juice, you’ll notice in the video how off screen the serving staff brought the drink over while David was mid-question asking he wanted anything and he was too polite to just ignore her. Behind the camera we just laughed and shrugged it off waving him to carry on and he barely broke a stride as he continued. It was an easy and enjoyable interview, David definitely speaks comfortably on the topics we discussed and his passion and philosophy on gaming really comes across.

When the camera stopped rolling we thanked him off screen and talked a little more, an after-thought from our own experiences of the day about the relationship between Gazillion and Marvel and how protective they were of their IP [intellectual property] and how free the guys were to make up non-canon content.

“We work very closely with [Marvel] and of course they have the final say, but really they’ve just left us to make a great game. We’re generally free to do what we want or what the game needs, even when making our own stuff that is unseen in the Marvel Universe. As long as we don’t change or threaten their vision, portraying characters in way they don’t like then there’s no problem.”

Out of curiousity we asked him from all the powers he’s seen in from the Marvel heroes which would he choose for himself (though reminding him that if he picked invisibility everyone would think he was a creeper up to no good)? He laughed and gave it some thought, conceding he could live with being thought of as a creeper, but smiled as he spoke. “Teleportation. What with all the traveling we’ve been doing it’d be nice to just appear somewhere and to not feel jetlagged.”

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