Magic Duels Launches Today


Magic: The Gathering arrives in iPhones and iPad with the launch of Magic Duels, the newest free to play digital version of the iconic TCG. Later this month, the game will be available on Xbox One and PC via Steam, and we have known that a PlayStation 4 version will also be available later this year.


Magic Duels screenshot 3 Magic Duels screenshot 4 Magic Duels screenshot 5 Magic Duels screenshot 6

It will offer regular content updates and unlockable cards. And it features three gameplay modes:

Solo Battle - Available both online and offline, for both new and experienced players, it allows to test decks against opponents of varying difficulty.

Versus Battle - The right mode to battle against a friend or a randomly matched opponent.

Two-Headed giant - Fan-favourite mode, 2v2 battles. Players can pair up with a friend, the AI or a random teammate to face another human/AI or AI/AI team.

The game comes with a brand-new tutorial that shows how to play and build a deck. It's a great opportunity to venture into the world of Magic. Very soon we'll publish a profile and a review, so stay tuned.

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