Mabinogi, The saga: Iria launches Episode One


Nexon has just announced that Mabinogi has already unleashed the first episode of The Saga: Iria. Episode One, called The  Fate’s Origin: The Demon, is available to the player to enjoy and discover the amazing storyline.

Players take on the form of a demon attacking Cor Village, when a mysterious masked man named Akule stops them and explains that they are vulnerable to demonic possession. Players need to make a charm to ward of demons,  however, after gathering everything for the charm ritual, the powerful Black Dragon appears and attacks.  Akule sends the player to find his student Millia, and battles with the Black Dragon as the player escapes.  Just as players think they are out of danger, an enormous explosion causes commotion and appears to have taken out Akule.

Source of information: Nexon press release

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