Mabinogi releases the third episode of The Saga: Iria


Nexon has just released the third episode of of Mabinogi’s drama-filled The Saga: Iria, which further expands the game's amazing storyline.

In this new exciting episode, players will help Shamala to escape the ruins, but when she tries to thanks them, she suddenly collapse. Players will reel as they see visions of Ruairi and Millia.  Following these visions to Vales, players discover that the Hillwen Mine has been overrun by monsters.  They go to alert the Giants, but learn the invasion was part of a plot by the White Dragon to attack Vales while his minions took the mine. Players help the Giants fight at Hillwen, then travel to Shyllien Nature Reserve on the trail of Ruairi.  Before the Elves can help though, the Black Dragon attacks Shyllien, throwing the Elves into chaos and players into hiding.

Source of information: Nexon press release

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