Mabinogi: Episode 6 in The Saga: Iria is live

With Episode 6 "Swarms of Demons: Truth", the tension is rising in Nexon’s fantasy MMO Mabinogi. Players fight against the Black Dragon Knight and his minions, but they eventually fall.

However, the charm explodes, driving enemies off and also turning the gathered Milletians into demons, which is quite a shock for the Giants and Elves. They therefore decide to lock up all Milletians until they can figure out what is going on. Meanwhile, the Black Dragon and the Black Dragon Knight attack the holy land, but can be stopped by Lelach who is revealed to be Akule.

Back with the player, Millia is furious because the demons that the Milletians turned into strongly resemble the ones that killed her parents. She throws herself into battle with them, but has to realize that there are just too many. Using a spell she learned from Lelach, she teleports away to her favorite place, the oasis.

Source of information: Nexon press release.

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